Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Girl's Camp

Brian spent about 4 days up at girl's camp and had a great time. He said the programs were wonderful, the girls were having fun, and that our stake and ward leaders were amazing. I joined him on Sunday for Sacrament meeting and Sunday School. I had never been up to Camp Lo Mia, or to any girl's camp, for that matter. I also had never attended a Sacrament meeting outside, and I have to say I loved it!

It was worth the round trip drive to Pine to see Bri and everyone, enjoy the green of Pine, and to snap this really flattering picture of us! (Bri looks great, me, well...) Thanks to Bri's parents for letting Jack stay over Saturday and spend the day with them so I could drive up to camp!

Family Birthday Party

Cousin Sarah's fun birthday party.

Bob & Brenda have this huge water slide for the kids.

I love Momo's (Morgan) happy face! She loved being in the water!

Therese, Mimi (Mia) and Jack.

Here's Jack at Sarah's 9th birthday party. Of course it was insanely hot, but my creative sister in law, Brenda, found a company that sells snowballs! How fun is that? I believe it cost $10 for 50 snowballs and everyone had a blast having a snow ball fight.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Heads Up!

Just wanted to let all of you in blogger land know that my sister in law and I are starting our own company. We are sooooo excited!! We are working on our products and are setting up the paper work. Hopefully we will be launching in a few weeks. Currently, we will be featuring products for babies and kids.

We will also be looking for other great products made by moms to sell through our company. Let me know if you have any ideas, or know someone who is interested.


I am soooo not good at blogging! Sorry I can't seem to line up my words correctly. I thought I had below, and then when it published, the words were to the left! I am confident though, that I'll get better at this.

Utah Trip

Brian and I decided to send Jack to BYU football came this summer. It would be his first time at camp where neither Brian or Uncle Brent stayed with him. We thought it would be such a great and fun experience to let him stay in the dorms on campus. We were also hoping he would meet some friends.

The first night he said he couldn't sleep so when I talked to him on Tuesday, he was super tired. On Wed. night, his last night, he was having a pizza party in his room with about 12 other boys from his floor. (Their dorm counselor let them order pizza from Domino's) So after the first sleepless night, things were much better. He made some good friends, learned more about football, and wants to go back next year.

Some funny things he told me as we were driving back to Phoenix (yes, I drove him and crashed at my brother's house for the week) were:

- Mom, you wouldn't believe how many things get spilled in the dorm! Some one spilled a day old Jamba Juice in the middle of my room and then we wiped it up with a towel. It ended up being my roommate's towel.

-One of my friends locked his cousin in one of the closets in his room. He wouldn't let him out until he said "uncle". (I guess the boy stayed in the closet for 45 minutes until he said the magic word.... ) Stubborn? (the boy was okay)

-For breakfast this morning I ate FOUR donuts and a bowl of cereal. I felt awful, and then got sick in the bathroom. (Jack ate in the Cannon Center)

Anyways, I am so glad he was able to attend. I watched him play the last day and there was such a good feeling from the coaches and players. Who knows, maybe Jack will attend school at BYU when he is older.

Jack was the quaterback.

Getting ready for football orientation.

Jack's first stay in a BYU dorm. He was in May Hall, (in
Helaman Halls)

Signing Jack in for BYU football camp.
There were so many kids there! I had know idea
how full it would be. EFY was going on at the same
time. Teenagers everywhere!
Jack with his cousins, Zoe and Doug before
heading off to BYU.