Monday, July 27, 2009

Missing My Boys

Here are Brian and Jack at Zion's Camp.... totally roughing it! Yes, they are eating Subway. Geesh, I miss those two. They are camping until Saturday (Brian will be in Tucson for a day or two mid-week to help the students with the AZ State Bar).
It looks so nice and cool there, nothing like the 115 degrees here in Phoenix. Anyways, I'm so glad Jack can attend camp this year and that Brian can be there with him. What a great experience!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brian's Birthday

Today is Brian's birthday! He is 30 something ;) Oh, alright, he is 38. For dinner we went with his family to Fajita's. Before that, he went to look at a sailboat. (He eventually wants to buy one.)
Look at that happy guy!
We love him!!

Health Update, (kind of)

Here's a quick update on my health status. I had a test last week (lab work), and another lab test yesterday. Tomorrow I go in for my CT Chest scan and the Pulmonary Function test (lungs, breathing). Due to last weeks lab test results, I have to go see a gastro.... doctor. (I really need to learn how to spell that correctly!!) Apparently, I am very anemic and we are going to find out why. Anyways, I'm pretty nervous and anxious, but I am hopeful. These tests will tell so much. We'll be able to find out if the disease is progressing and if it is, at what rate.
I do have some good news about finding a new product to help my skin. My sister in law, Therese, suggested Neutrogena's Sesame Oil. I LOVE IT!! It really has helped the itchiness and my skin feels and looks better.

Here's to good news, slow progression rates, and finding a cure for scleroderma :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Foutz Fun

Brian's parents bought us tickets to go see Wicked. We had never seen it before, and really didn't know anything about the story. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! We all loved it! I won't say any more about it, just in case you decide to go and see it :)

The Foutz 3 at the fireworks. Jack looks THRILLED!!!

Jack and Grandma watching the fireworks at the golf course.

Jackie jump.

Brian swimming with Jack, Sarah, and Carter.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 12 Year Old Boy

Have you ever had to take a 12 year old boy shopping??? Jack does not like to go shopping, really never has, and this morning I had to make a Costco run. I was out of milk, bread, fruit... You would have thought I was torturing the child. Maybe some of you are saying, "Why didn't you just leave him at home?" I made him go because I knew that he probably wouldn't leave the house for the remainder of the day because it's so stinkin' hot out (110 degrees today)... you know, we all need fresh air.

Anyway, he was soooo GRUMPY!!!! No smiles in the car. "How long are we going to be gone?" "What do you need to buy?" I started to go down the book aisle (books were not on my list), "What are we walking down here for?" I gave up, didn't browse, found what I needed, bought him pizza, a churro, and a soda and we went home.

Funny, but after that, the remainder of our day went well and he was quite pleasant. He even helped me clean the house and give Cissy a bath. I don't know, maybe the pizza cheered him up, or maybe he was happy that we weren't shopping anymore!

Grumpy Jack Face

He & Brian were wrestling at Bounce U

Brian has a "fat" lip from the festivities

Happy Jack Face :)