Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer so far:

* I went rock climbing for the first time! So fun- thanks to my new lil' brother for introducing me to a new sport.

* I rented the entire BONES television series, I am officially addicted. Will Bones and Booth ever admit their love??? (it's so obvious and sweet)

* Jack was accepted into the Jr. Life Guard program at the Washington Pool and is loving it. Today he was exhausted because he had to dive down 13 1/2 feet to retrieve the 30lb brick, ten times! Go Jack!

* Jack is also on the Cal Ripken All-Star baseball team. The tournament starts this week so... after a month of practices... we'll see. We have great expectations :)

* Lots of time to relax, paint, listen to music (Jack continues to make sure I know all the latest music- I love it! He has opened my "ears", eyes to the music he likes), and read.

* Therese and I continue to work on our business and our excitement is still strong.

Life is good.