Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rock Climbing

We went rock climbing with our friends, Brent and Addie. Here are some pics of our fun day.
Jack, Brent and Addie

Brent and Addie getting ready to climb the ropes

Jack is getting so tall!

Here I am belaying (hope I spelled that right) Jackie. Jack had no fear and tried so many walls.
That boy is strong. He would even jump to the next foot hold.

All of us tried climbing the ropes.... they looked easy, but were deceiving! Jack made it the farthest, climbing about half way up.

Jr. Life Guard Olympics

Jack was on the Jr. Life Guard team at the Washington pool this summer. Here are some pictures from the "Olympics". Jack won gold medals in CPR and the Passive Relay. Jack loved being in this program and said he was sad it was over. Lots of red swim suits, new pool skills, and great new friends.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach and Pool Pictures

Here are some pictures from years past of us swimming or at the beach.
Jack fell in the ocean and we let him run around au natural... shhh... don't tell him I posted this!

Playing in the sand at the ocean

Starting to build a sand castle

All done

We were in Vermont, freezing- I think

Newport Beach


At Luigi's after a day of swimming at Mission Beach in San Diego. Sticky, salty beach hair and everything!

Baby Jack

I have recently been going through old photos, (back when I used to print them out) and wanted to share :) In case no one knew, I love my Jack.

Jackie about one or two months old

Not wanting to give up his bottle

Our first day with Cissy

About 3 months old here, our first smile captured in a picture

Rocking Jackie to sleep in the rocking chair my mom bought me when he was born

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Baseball

Here are some pictures from Jack's summer baseball tournament. His team played in four games. They played two games back to back each night in the 112 degree Phoenix heat. Summer sports in Phoenix! He did so well!!

Yes, I admit it, I am a proud mom. I love watching Jackie play.

Jack's first hit was a home run.

Jack struck out 12 batters the first night.

Good job Jackie!