Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sad, Disheartened, Ashamed...I Could Go On...

So this weekend was a sad one for are the reasons why...

1. Amy Winehouse died.

The first time I heard, 'Back to Black' on the radio I remember saying to Brian, "Who is that? I love this song." He then went home and researched who sang the song and bought me the CD. It's an incredible CD, one of my all time favorites. So talented, so unique, someone who shared herself with the world and was a good memory for me. I don't know how you feel about music (if anyone even reads my blog) but it's brings out so many emotions for me. It was a huge part of my family growing up. I started playing piano (6 yrs old), then flute, then learned how to play the bassoon. My dad always had music playing, I learned to love the Beatles because of him. My mom played the euphonium in high school. My sisters played the clarinet, saxophone, flute, piano and one of my sisters is an opera singer, along with being a certified music teacher. I also love listening to music with Jack and think it's great that he likes music from so many different eras. Yes, even with the horrible events that happened in Norway, I am very sad to hear about Amy Winehouse.

2. Shootings at a Norway summer youth camp, execution style, for 90 minutes.

Horror comes to my mind, absolutely heartsick. Can't even express my feelings in a cohesive way. I do not know why people make the choices they do, or maybe why our brains do not possibly function properly or why people harm others. So sad for them all.

3. People saying that Amy Winehouse DESERVED to die....

Because she abused her body with drugs, and "we saw it coming". Really? I believe that God loves everyone, no matter what our faults and trials are. No one is perfect. Just something to think about.

4. Plus all of the harsh criticism about Casey Anthony. (from the previous weeks)

I wasn't in that court room. I sure hope she didn't kill her daughter, maybe we need to pray for her and her family? I don't know.

I have sat back and listened to opinions, hopefully read truthful facts.. read them online via news websites and I am sad, disheartened and ashamed...I could go heart is heavy.

Maria Shriver recently quoted Plato when the news of her life changing events emerged, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle."

I try to make good choices, haven't always, but I try. There are some things I choose not to do because of my religion, or because it isn't good for my body but that doesn't mean that I don't love other people that do not believe as I do or follow my actions. AND....just because I don't drink alcohol or smoke, or use illegal drugs doesn't mean that my Diet Coke and Double Stuff Oreo Cookie habit is good for me either.

Unconditional love????? How powerful is that.

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  1. really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your pictures. thanks for the update! Karen Freeman